Your friend is getting married to a great person and you're very happy for them.  You want to get them a present that will celebrate the love they've found in each other.

These Romantic Gifts were hand picked by yours truly, to give you a taste of the possibilities.  I've added more kits than anything else, because they make decisions easier. 

Sexy Books :  Hooking up the bride and groom with a sexy book, gives them a gift of ideas that they might not have bought on their own, but will be glad to have it!  
The Erotic Massage Handbook is a good candidate for a gift, because it's hot, sexy, and not over the line.  It will show the newlywed lovers how to worship every muscle.
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The Erotic Massage Book

Chocolate Lovin' :   Why does chocolate go hand in hand with romance?  Maybe because we associate chocolate with boxes of chocolate given at Valentine's Day, or whenever a guy has to be sweet.  Why is chocolate so sexy?  Perhaps because the texture of chocolate is silky smooth on your tongue, and rich, sweet and indulgent.  Chocolate is considered sinful to some people, just like sex!  See?  They're like peanut butter and jelly!
Chocolate Love Drops provides both dark and white chocolate flavored massage oils.  Very nice!  It also comes with a paintbrush, so they can paint a variety of different delights on each other all night!

Chocolate Love Drops

Yes, the Strip Chocolate Game could be included in the "Game" section, but I thought that it's main attraction was the chocolate part!  Well, actually, the "Strip" word is what really caught my eye.  Anyway, it sounds like fun!
This game comes with sinful chocolate and wild cherry chocolate dessert topping.  The Bachelorette and her lover would thoroughly enjoy this!  Unless, of course, they're dieting!
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The Strip Chocolate Game

Gift Set and Kits :  As I said at the top of the page, kits and gift sets make it easier for people to buy gifts for other people.  Because there is usually an assortment of things, it is more likely that they will like it.  
The Oil of Love Gift Set features vanilla creme, raspberry kiss, cherry almond, chocolate mint, and original oil of love flavors.  I'm sure the bride and groom would put these massage oils to very good use.
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Oil of Love Gift Set

The Weekender Kit is nice, because it has a handful of different products with the same common goal.  To make their honeymoon (or any night) as sensual as possible.  This kit includes the Original Oil of Love, Sweet Almond Massage Oil, Honey Dust, Love Liquid Lubricant and a feather tickler.

The Weekender Kit

The Striptease Kit is a little different than the last couple of kits shown.  This kit contains a book chock-full of great advice and instructions from strippers themselves, red sequinned pasties with adhesive, a sheer black scarf, body glitter, and ten fold-out cards with fully illustrated step-by-step routines.  
Very sexy, very fun.  Your Bachelorette would probably really enjoy learning sexy striptease routines that she can surprise her new husband on their wedding night with.  Sometimes, it's good to reconnect with the sexy. 

The Striptease Kit

The Deluxe Bed of Roses is another kit that revolves around romance.  In it, they'll find over two-hundred scented silk rose petals, rose scented bubble bath, edible gourmet chocolate massage oil, a back massager, four tea lights, and a special invitation card.  
What girl hasn't dreamed of being laid down on a bed of rose petals?  Your Bachelorette would have so much to tell you about after the honeymoon!  She would call and fill your ear full of excited giggling.

The Deluxe Bed of Roses