Bachelorette Gifts

You want to get the Bachelorette something that she’ll really think is great, but you don’t want to jump on the bandwagon and get some sex-related item.  Or, you are already getting her something sexy and you just want to get a little something extra that will make her smile.  

Either way, this is the right page for you.  I’ve put together some things that funny for you to check out, along with some things that are just plain fun!

Stuff She Can Wear: The Husband Beater Tank Top makes me laugh.  I think this is hilarious!  After all those years of guys calling those white tank tops, Wife Beaters, it’s about time somebody thought of one for us!  

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Husband Beater Tank Top

The Bachelorette Tiara is a very pretty looking, silver sparkly number that will make her feel like a total princess.  This can go with any outfit she might wear that night, and she can keep it forever!  This tiara is also available in Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid, and Bitch.
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Bachelorette Tiara

The Devil Veil is a good gift for the Bachelorette that won’t wear the fuzzy pink stuff on her head.  It’s also good for any girl that plans on having wicked fun at the party!  
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The Devil Veil

Stuff She Can Use :  I bet she could use a Leather Whip!  What?  You don’t think it’s useful?  Picture this.  She walks into the bar wielding this toy, and all of the men get shaky knees.  The rest of the night, she’s whipping every hot butt that walks by, and making guys beg to buy her drinks.  Now do you think it’s useful?  
Plus, she could secretly bring this little beauty on her honeymoon with her, and then “whip” it out when the time is right!
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Leather Whip

Do you want your Bachelorette to laugh until she cries? Then get her some Inflatable Boobs!  These things are great!  Going out to the party with these on would make her a big tit with the boys!  I mean, big “hit”.
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Inflatable Boobs