Bachelorette Clothes

Bachelorette Parties are famous for the silly and ridiculous games that get played.  If you’re looking for prizes to give your guests for winning those games, or even if you just want to get them gifts for showing up, take a look at this stuff.  The items on this page are fun gifts that they can wear at the party and elsewhere!

Fun Jewelry :  Topping off your outfit with great jewelry makes women feel great, doesn’t it?  We’ll, why not get jewelry for them that is suitable for the occasion?  

The Light-Up Mega-Carat Ring is a large, pink, sparkly ring, with an opalescent band that really grabs attention on its own.  However, if they turn on the light inside the jewel, hot guys will become hypnotized like moths and follow the light.  I’ve seen it happen!

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Light-Up Mega-Carat Ring

The Penis Earrings are just absolutely lovely!  Your guest will be the envy of the entire bar!  Women will surround her begging to know where she bought them.  She’ll be so proud and happy with her present, that she just may where them on every special occasion!  
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Penis Earrings

Cool Stuff To Wear On Your Head :  Head boppers and tiaras make a great present for Bachelorette Parties because they attract a lot of attention and are a lot of fun!  
The I Love You Heart Boppers give people the impression that the wearer is a total sweetheart.  Upon command, they light up and shine love for everyone to see.

I Love You Heart Boppers

The Blink ‘N’ Wiggly Tiara pulls off being so totally cute and hysterical at the same time.  The blinky penises on the top of the cloud of soft, pink feathers, bobble around and sparkle above the head.  This tiara bopper will be loved by the guest who wins the privilege of wearing it. 
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Blink ‘N’ Wiggly Tiara

Useful Jewelry :  Why not get the jewelry that possesses the quality of being multi-functional?  What a thoughtful gift-giver you would be!  
The Hottie Whistle is a cute metallic pink bead Bachelorette Party necklace with a whistle at the end.  This way, when a hottie is spotted, she can blow the whistle and alert all the girls.  This way they all keep informed on the meat,…I mean, men, and can oggle and drool and heckle at each one.

Hottie Whistle

The Shot Glass Bead Necklace pretty much gives it’s secret away in the title.  They are metallic bead necklaces that come in an assortment of colors, and has a plastic shot glass for a charm.  These necklaces subliminally encourage hot guys to buy shots for the wearer.
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Shot Glass Bead Necklace