Bachelorette Candy

An easy way to go, would be to give them all candy that’s shaped like penises!  It’s simple, and it gives them something to joke about, too.  Picture a bunch of girls walking in a bar, sucking on penis suckers.  You know that those girls would be attacked with free drinks all night long.

Penis Suckers :  The Joy Pop is the classic penis sucker.  You can’t get any more to the point than this baby.  Another good thing about penis suckers is that they are quite inexpensive!

The Joy Pop

The Rainbow Penis Lollipop is a colorful, more fun looking penis sucker.  There  are a lot of different sizes and colors, just like in real life!

Rainbow Penis Lollipop

Dickie Lickie Lights are penis suckers that light up.  These would be good in bars and other darker places.

Dickie Lickie Lights

Cum Suckers take the cake in grotesque!  The head of the penis is made of strawberry sucker, and if you squeeze the base, vanilla cream oozes out of the top!  It looks awesome!  
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Cum Suckers

Other Penis Candies :  They just about make everything there is under the sun into penis candy versions.  The Gummy Penis Candy is made for the gummy bear and worm lovers out there.

Gummy Penis Candy

Succulent Hard Willies are little hard candies in a nice little tin.  They can share, or keep them all to themselves, making everyone jealous.  
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Succulent Hard Willies